Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cleaning things out for Spring

Spring cleaning has hit in this area, or at least in this house. I'm taking a room a day and cleaning windows, dusting corners, vacuuming under furniture, and purging where necessary. BUT I'm limiting myself to one hour and one room a day. Why the limit? Because I know me, and I could forget to come up for air, food, laughter, rest, and companionship. I would wear myself out, and there's simply no reason to do that. Slow and sure wins the race, right? So, I'm two rooms down, happy with the changes thus far, and not overwhelmed or exhausted. My plan is working.

When I saw this verse the other day it struck me right where I am:

You see, I know it's not just my house and yard which needs a deep cleaning. My heart does too. And the thing about our hearts is that we can't just clean it out. At home I know dust and dirt will come back, and that's why I need to continually clean. But with my heart I need to replace the envy, pretense, malice, and hurtful talk. It will come back just like the dirt if I don't. Finding this verse on the same day spoke about what I should replace those things with so that I can grow up and mature in God:

And as I spoke about plans recently, I thought this verse laid out a great track to begin. I have decided to break it down, and really dig in to each area to learn, grow, and fill myself with God, His thoughts, His Word, and replace the ick with the wonderful. It wont happen on it's own.

I've begun breaking the verse down a little, as you can see, but I will take each section separately, and then bring it all back together.

God's chosen peoplethe elect of Godchosen of Godas God's chosen oneseklektos: elect, chosen, the Chosen One
holy and dearly lovedholy and belovedfor this new life of loveholy and belovedhagios: holy, consecrated, acceptable to God, holy person/people;
splanchnon: of emotion [heart, affection, tenderness, compassion];
agapao: the active love of God for his Son and his people, and the active love his people are to have for God
clothe yourselvesPut on thereforedress in the wardrobe God picked out for youPut on thenendyo:to clothe, dress
compassionbowels of merciecompassioncompassionate heartsoiktirmos: compassion, mercy, pity
kindnesskindnesskindnesskindnesschrestotes: kindness, goodness
humilityhumbleness of mindhumilityhumilitytapeinophrosyne: humility, humbleness, modesty
gentlenessmeeknessquiet strengthmeeknessprautes: gentleness, meekness, humility
patiencelongsufferingdisciplinepatiencemakrothymia: patience, forbearance, internal and external control in a difficult circumstance, which control could exhibit itself by delaying an action

I'm excited about growing these things in my heart, soul, mind, and strength. I'm excited about these things fully becoming more and more of who I am. I'm excited about going deep with God to hear what He has to say to me about these things, where I am, and where He is taking me.

Life isn't simply what happens to you. At some point you decide to follow the leadings God is giving you, and to move, act, do. And there's no better way to improve than from the inside out, so it's time to dust out those cobwebs.

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