Sunday, March 19, 2017

A lesson from running 200 miles

In December I ran 100 miles. I knew I would hit that mark, so when I saw the challenge to run 200 miles in 100 days beginning the 20th of December I knew it would be no trouble. After all, I had 50 miles of December which counted towards both goals. Unfortunately my planning was for the month of December, not so much after that.

It wasn't until mid February that I realized my error. After figuring out how many miles I needed and how many days I had left, I was up to 16 miles per week. It was only 2 extra miles a week than the original 2 miles a day, but I was frustrated with myself. I knew better.

I've heard it, and I hate it, but truth is truth. Sometimes things work out without planning, but generally speaking if you fail to plan you are planning to fail. And I nearly failed. Had I not taken stock when I did I may not have been able to catch up, but thankfully the timing worked out. Not that it was a big deal. It was a virtual run. I already received the medal and t-shirt. No one would know.

But that's not who I want to be. It matters to me. So I am finishing my last 4 miles tomorrow on the last day.

Here's the thing, this can happen with big huge things that really do matter not just to you but others as well. We can come up with ideas, talk them into the ground, and do nothing. It could matter to us, but nothing will get done. Not because we didn't want it to happen, but because we didn't plan for it to happen. Next thing you know, it's too late.

This lesson has brought me back to planning and paper, which we all know is something I love. And not all plans work, I'll be honest. My notebook has several things I planned out but fell apart for whatever reason. And that's okay. Not everything I attempt is meant to occur. But I don't want things not to happen because I didn't try. 

Whether you are starting something new, adding to what you are doing, refreshing what you know, learning a new tool, or becoming someone you want to be, figure it out, break it down into goals you can work on, and then do it. No matter what it is you can do it. But you have to plan for it. 

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