Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Influences and Influencers: that's all of us.

I said I was going to be searching out my vision/purpose/life theme this month, and I have taken some large strides. So much so, I wanted to share my resources with you while they are still available and I don't forget what they are. Let's be honest, as much as I want to always remember where I learn something eventually it simply becomes part of who I am and it feels it's always been that way. I really hope I can say the same about these.

First, I watched parts of IF. Here is the live stream link which is available right now but I don't know for how much longer. I would point to certain speakers, but all that I listened to had nuggets and I would hate for you to miss out on a nugget meant for you. Listen to what you can. What I learned/relearned from my time listening:
Discipleship is sharing what you know to others.
Knowing God loves me is the greater purpose for why I do things.
My mission field is where I am placed.
Second, I got to run yesterday and listened to three podcasts which I want to share with you.

Revving the Word  - this one on patience was so timely. I would run, jump, and sprint ahead into a pile of mess I created if I was set free to do so. And ironically enough, I have been set free but I know I need to be patient and trust God's timing. Currently He is working to integrate who I am: heart, soul, mind, strength. I am trusting this process.

Life is a Marathon - Purpose pt. 1 and Purpose pt. 2 - These two go together, but the second one was the one that set me on my feet. I went from: "Of course, I know this!" to "Why haven't I seen the way these fit together?" to "Please, don't let me forget this." Trusting God with everything means that when things happen I continue to trust Him. I haven't always done that. I have grumbled, complained, and quit. I will be spending some time re-storying my story to show what I know is truly what I believe.

These are all working to help me narrow, define, redefine, and develop my purpose/vision/life theme. I created a life theme in 2014, and while it's probably not far from where I am going, the first Purpose podcast gave wonderful examples of the differences between purpose/vision and I may relisten to that one again as I start really working things out.

So, these are a few things I crossed paths with that I wanted to share with y'all. Not sure how long the livecast of IF will be available, so take advantage of that one as soon as you can. But if you don't make no mistake what and who you cross paths with are influencing you each step of the way; and you them.

This leads to the question of who/what do you want influencing you, and how do you want to influence others? Something to think about.

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