Thursday, February 2, 2017

Checks and Lines through some Beautiful Things

I would love to know what makes your days smooth. You know what crazy thing I do? Lists. Yes, I know, just the common every day list. Sad to say, I forget to make them occasionally. Sad to say, sometimes I think I can do without them. And let's be honest, not all days require lists. But I've started back up again.

I have kept a Bullet Journal since last year. Actually, up to August I was trying to figure out what should and should not be in my Bullet Journal. You see, everyday schedules were a struggle for me to keep up with. Eventually I scratched them and was using it really as more of a memory book, full of things I want to remember, thoughts, quotes, gratitude, etc. So, it wasn't active. But last month I made a small little tweak that required it to stay nearby me.

I added my daily Bible reading list for the month of January. That's when I remembered how much I love to check things off, or cross them out. And this month I remembered how much I love to-do lists. Aside from scratched out papers, or on the side of the calendar, I haven't had a real to-do list in a while, which is crazy. I am a to-do list type of girl. 

Now I have a page for the month of February, and I have written down things I need to do, like organize the kitchen. It may end up going into a second page, or on the other side of the page, especially as the month goes on. But, can I just tell you, it has made such a difference for me. And it's staying in the main living room where I can see it.

Okay. I know. It's the 2nd day of February. (Happy Ground Hog's Day, by the way.) But seriously, how did I forget how productive the list can be for me??

I have nothing against trying new things; I wouldn't have my Bullet Journal without that. I love experimenting with styles. But we really need to learn to keep using what is working.

For me, lists have always worked. I remember when we lived in Texas (years and years and years ago) I wrote a blog post about lists and my notebook. This is how much I love lists, friend. And these past few days for me have been SO productive and focused!

When Cap asked me to do something I went straight to my list and wrote it in.
When I had to make phone calls to strangers I wrote it down. 
When I knew I had an hour before a friend came over, the utility room got attention.
When I saw "Immanuel Approach List," I broke it down. 
All of these, done! Not forgotten. Not procrastinated. Now able to move forward. Done. Yes, I even made the phone calls, so all my introverted friends can shiver with me. 

Now, that's not all that has been crossed off, but the amount of things done isn't really the change I notice the most. What I have realized is that I have caught myself wasting time several times today. We do it, right? Surf Pinterest. Lurk Facebook. Whatever our vice to waste time is, they happen. Today each time I started sliding that direction I realized it and went to the list to see what I could work on. Remember when I said I had beautiful things to do, I just need to do them? I have found a way to stay on track and do more of those beautiful things!

I know different things work for all of us. I also know that down time and rest is just as important as getting things done. But if you are like me, and sometimes we go through phases, but if you procrastinate the day away and don't even realize it I challenge you to find what makes a difference for you.

If you want to start with a list, don't make it too complicated. Simply grab a notebook, open it up, and write down what needs to be done. Wala! Things to cross off when finished, space to write more when needed. 

If you use something else in your life to keep doing the beautiful things I would love to hear about it. I don't know if I will walk away from my to-do list anytime soon, but maybe someone else needs an idea other than a list. Or maybe I'll try it out WITH my list next month to see which works best.

Stay productive, my friend!

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