Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What will I participate in?

Revelation Wellness® had a Facebook live video on How to have Healthy Whole Goals and something Alisa said reminded me of something we did at the Intensive Instructor Training Retreat. She was talking about a notebook she was using to set up her goals and work on them wholeheartedly, and apparently there is a page someone asked her about called her yes's and no's. She spoke about what a few of hers were, and I remember when we first got to the Retreat we had a group meeting and during part of that on a white board were written things we said we would participate in while there and things we wouldn't participate in while there.

Some of the things we said that day we wouldn't participate in were shame, blame, envy, and comparison. Some of the things we said that day we would participate in were love, encouragement, inclusion, and mercy. It set the tone for the retreat and the board was set up in a place we could see it regularly to remind us of our intentions for that time.

Because really, that's what we were doing; we were setting our intentions. We wanted the time to be wonderful where we were open to God and His Word, connecting with others, loving, and sharing. And I believe the intention determined the course of our week. After listening to Alisa talk briefly about her intentions for her year, her goals, and her yes's and no's I realized there is no reason we can't do this daily.

Now, I will be perfectly honest and say the list of what I should and should not participate in are long. Especially the lists that are a reflection of how my behavior needs to change. I get caught up in ALL THE THINGS that I forget most of them, get frustrated, and then simply forget about it because it was too hard to do anyway. But, what if we set one yes and one no per day? What if in the morning, after we have time to look at our schedule for the day, we listen to what God wants us to say yes and no to for the rest of that day?

Maybe I know I am going to be around a group of friends who speak negatively about their body? Maybe God wants me to not join in, and so that could be my no for the day. But in the same vein, my yes could be to speak mercy and love over my body and theirs during that time. And each day would have it's own places of yes and no depending on what is on the schedule. But if we limited ourselves to ONE how much easier would that be to remember than an entire list?

Yesterday Alisa spoke about hope on the Facebook live video, and this morning the email devotional for The Little Way challenge asked us where we spend our energy. I'm pretty sure I feel a yes and no coming out of those two things for my day today.

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