Monday, January 9, 2017

Maybe it's not the things which should change, but me.

Maybe the things we are doing shouldn't be done. Maybe the changes we are making are actually ways we are deceiving ourselves to keep from doing what we should. Maybe we are running from the truth rather than turning to it. Have you considered that? I did this morning. I found myself in Jeremiah 17 and God showed me that sometimes we use this time of year to run from things rather than to what He is calling us to.

We can do it for a variety of reasons or excuses. 

We can be manipulated by others, and therefore try to lay the blame at the feet of another.
We can be controlled by something else, and try to pretend we did not give our heart to that thing.
We can be fearful of man, worried there will be consequences from people that might harm us.
We can be worried about our wealth, as if that is what takes care of us in this world.

And these excuses can cause us to turn from the path God has placed us on. After all, it's the New Year, we are supposed to make changes and the bigger the better, right? Isn't that where we get our praise from? Taking a giant leap of faith? But in actuality we are turning our back on what our God is calling us to do.

The thing is, unless we ask Him to reveal our hearts we may not even know what we are doing. That's exactly what happened to me this morning. I was reading His Word, and listening for what He was showing me, and I knew. I had been coming to the realization before this morning, thankfully God knows the best way to deal with all of us, but He showed me what I was thinking was not the truth. 

You see, we can make God's Word say whatever we want if we twist it or "hear" just right. And we are all capable of falling to that mistake. I had decided I needed to let some things go and reasoned that decision with how I felt God calling me. But, as I am can do, I was falling to the trap of Eve. I was taking what I was told to the extreme, and that was not what I was called to. When I released the arguments and debates within my brain, stopped swinging from one end to the other, and I asked God to reveal my own heart to me He showed me what I was doing. 

I had fear of man, for what would the people think? What would that person do? I had fear of losing money, because I didn't want to burn bridges. I was blaming others even though it was my heart that chose behaviors. I was being controlled by something other than God, which was my choice as well.

And so, I'm turning back. I'm find the place God wants me. I'm striving hard to do what He calls me to. Trusting that if I go astray again, He will show me. And I will work hard to live out the basic simple things He calls me to without creating huge big changes to try to make myself look better.

Have you asked God about your resolutions? Have you asked Him to make your heart clear to you? You may be right where He wants you to be doing what He wants you to be doing. Or you may be like me and need to return to something and change you rather than change the something. Only He can tell you for sure.

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