Saturday, January 14, 2017

Knowing Yourself Better: Time to answer

For the first post in this series go to Knowing Yourself Better: Time to ask 

Hopefully you put some questions out there and soon you will start to receive answers. I hope you have also begun to sit quietly with God to hear from Him. These are important, but they are not the only ones who should be answering questions. Now it's your turn, because God gave you a wonderful mind to use. So, let's put it to use.

I will be honest, you can search the net and find thousands of questions to help you define yourself to yourself a little bit better. What I learned is not all questions are created equal, and some will hit your heart harder than others. If it is a question you don't know the answer to, sit with it a while. If it's a question you are automatically repelled from at least look to see why. If it's a question whose answer you know before you fully read the question, write that answer down. Here are some of the questions which helped me find more answers than I knew I had:

I ended up with three sheets of paper filled with words, statements, more questions which I just kept trying to answer, and if I couldn't I would sit and ask God and see what answer He had for me. This part definitely went hand in hand with listening to God because I wanted to be true to His design for me.

I also spent some time looking at other manifestos. You'll get ideas and inspiration from what others have written and how they have it written out as well. This helps in writing out who you are and answering the questions, but it will also aide when you start to put your manifesto together. Pinterest is an obvious place to see a multitude of manifestos if you don't want to simply google. Here's my board I created while I was working. I pinned anything that spoke to me for a variety of reasons even if I never went back to it in the process. Sometimes just taking it in once can leave an impression, but sometimes you may feel the need to go back and really dig in to what someone else has done. But as you create your own board, or fill a notebook, you will be answering the question "What inspires me?" 

It's good to ask others what they think.
It's great to ask God what He thinks.
But don't forget to ask yourself. You matter and your thoughts are important. 
God created us heart, soul, mind, and strength and we shouldn't ignore any part of how He created us.

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