Sunday, January 22, 2017

Know Yourself Better: Create and Express

The first post in this series: Time to ask, and the second: Time to answer

Sometimes when we ask and answer question we can get negative. We can see where we need to improve. We see our faults. It's time to look everything over, flip it on it's head, and create something amazing which expresses exactly who you feel you are and want to be. 

Will it be all encompassing? Yes and no. 

It determines on how you decide to create your manifesto. I broke mine down into two parts. I identified who I was and wanted to be, and then I created the laws I wanted to govern my life by. And yet. I left out huge ideas, identifiers, and directions when I did so. I stayed very general in my laws, and yet I felt the identifications went deeper into my soul rather than the surface. This is where the freedom is going to lay for you.

Your manifesto is you creation. It can look like a variety of subjects, it can be one conglomeration, it can be about direction and purpose, it can be about defining and boundaries. You have looked through inspirations, saved them to go back to later, answered questions, read answers, and now it's time to figure out how you want this to look and what you want it to say.

I can honestly say I had no idea where I was going when I got to this point. I just kept writing. Putting notes down. And then suddenly, as if it were a single moment rather than over the process of weeks worth of work I had put into it, I began to see how the final products should look. You can see my identity chart on my about me page, and you can see my Bear Laws on that page as well.

There is no one way to do this. There is no right or wrong. There is expressing yourself in a way that fits within your heart, soul, mind, and strength. That's the goal here. So this week, start putting it together. Start fitting into the design. Start writing it out. And then, step away from it once you are done. Leave it be for a week. And then we'll meet back here for the final post.

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