Thursday, January 5, 2017

I am limited.

Some of the Bear Laws were hard to develop, almost a struggle. Some I knew right at the beginning. The first one on the list came easily to me, because I know some of my flaws without a flashlight pointed by someone else. 

"I have limited responsibility but I will be invested when it's mine."

I have a tendency to wear the world on my shoulders. I am learning slowly how to release what is not truly mine. I can't be deeply invested in everything I cross paths with, but I can't go the opposite direction and stay distanced from everything. These are both things I have a tendency to do. 

The first part:

I am not responsible for everything that happens within the sphere of my life. I'm simply not. I can't control the way others think, what they do, or how things are run. When circumstances and situations do not belong to me I have little to no control over how it happens. Unfortunately what I do more often than not is try to control it all.

Someone needs to remind me: I am not God. I know I'm not, if you asked me, but if you also asked me if I controlled situations I would tell you I try. God has not called me to take care of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. He would never call any of us to do that. 

When something belongs to someone else and I try to step in to "fix" it then I could very well be taking a learning situation away from that person. I could very well be messing things up. I could very well be annoying, frustrating, and bothersome. I have done all those things before, so I know could often becomes did. 

The second part:

But if it's mine I need to be invested, not just committed or interested. There is a difference for my mind and I know when I have crossed those lines. I want to be truly invested with what God truly has given me in my life. I want to pour myself into whatever it is. I know I have not invested fully in areas of my life as I should, while at the same time I've been investing in what is not mine.

The whole:

My reason for Law #1. It requires me to listen to God and really hear from Him, which (as with anything) I have messed up on as I am learning to do. Life is a learning process. Learning to live out these Laws are a learning process. But I know that doing so will help me to live wholeheartedly towards loving God and living the life He designed for me. 

I think I need to sit down in a quiet room with my notebook and coffee in order to list out all the things I do, or can do, and figure out which ones are truly mine, and how I can be invested in those areas. So many good things in this world, but few are best for me. Have you figured out what is best for you?

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