Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Good-bye January, Hello February

January is done,
Once the clock strikes midnight tonight
it will be no more.
I have learned some things this month,
and I hope you have too,
I need to give my regrets to God.
I need to focus on Him.
I need to breathe,
I get stressed too easily.
Life is beautiful.
Dogs are good for your family.
Deconstruction allows for reconstruction.
Desperation wipes out discernment.
There's always hope because it's found in Jesus.

And February is on it's way.

I don't have a theme for this month as I did for last, and let's be honest in the last few weeks it's the only reason I was writing. I miss writing when I don't do it. But sometimes quiet is needed. I hope I write more this month. I may need to sit down and figure out where I should be going with the words. I have been writing a bit on my Facebook page, and it is making me wonder if I should have a Facebook page separate from my personal one. And my kitchen needs to be cleaned out. It's been a while since I decluttered in there. And the utility room: whew! Definitely in need of some attention. So, I don't know how much I will or wont be writing, (if I say I will I wont, and vice versa) but I do want to challenge you this month.

Keeping it just between you and your loved ones, take this "love month" and show them some tangible love. Do something for them out of the blue. Do something small consistently through the month. Write them a note. Take care of a chore for them. Whatever it is, do it for them and don't write about it anywhere else. Let it be because you love them and you want to show them that, and allow it to be between you, them, and God.

Planning a little bit ahead, I do have something I would like to do for the month of March. Maybe you would like to join me? I will be working through Kara's book Finally Free. I actually bought the digital copy and videos in December but haven't started yet. For some reason the month of March was always when I thought I should do it. So, since we have 28 days before that, I am also letting y'all know so we can do it together. I'll create a FB group, and we may meet over Zoom if the schedules and desires work out. It would be coming together, learning together, and joining together. You can go to this page to read more about it and watch a little video of Kara explaining the book as well.

So, we'll see what happens in February, and if you decide to join in March just shoot me a note on Facebook and we'll get a group together.

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