Sunday, December 11, 2016

What's holding you back from gratitude?

This past week I spoke about "get to" and "have to," and how it really comes down to the attitude of our hearts. Today I want to continue on that theme a bit and talk about gratitude. You see, what I know is that sometimes gratitude can come hard to a day, or even a moment, but if that's the case it's because something else is in it's place. So, what's getting in the way of your gratitude?

I was listening to one of Graham Cooke's podcasts and he spoke about giving things back to Jesus which aren't ours to have. The entire series on prophecy was one I would suggest anyone listen to, and in this one he was speaking about giving insecurity, anxiety, and the like back to God because they aren't ours to keep. We shouldn't hold onto them. In direct relation to gratitude I realized there are things I hold onto rather than gratitude, because I can't do both at once.

Things like bitterness, insecurity, jealousy, envy, etc. I can be grateful for the majority of a day but it only takes a moment for me to spin back to the other feelings and I become someone I don't want to be. And so many times when I spin out it's over things that really don't matter, not in the big scheme of things. Or it's with certain people. Have you ever noticed how there are certain people we complain to more than others? But before we point the finger at them though, we have to realize they may be hoping we stop bringing the complains to them.

So what should we do?

We have to be more aware of ourselves in the moment. We have to allow our thoughts to go higher rather than lower. We have to choose to step back, and (as our mothers once said) if we have nothing good to say we say nothing at all.

Let's trade bitterness for forgiveness.
Let's trade hurt for understanding.
Let's trade selfishness for love.

I don't know what you will need to trade to get back to gratitude. I just know something is in your way, something from within you. So let's sit down this week and make a list of what it is that we need to let go, and on the opposite side make a list of what you will replace it with. Give back to God that He no longer wants you to carry, and embrace the gifts He wants you to hold onto. And then we'll all start on our way back towards a grateful life.

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