Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Mixed bites and love shown.

These are the days of office parties, friend gifts, and potlucks. I am not doing a lot of any of these right now, because somehow Christmas is this very next week. I'm not sure how it snuck up on me, if I am to be honest. But I thought I would share a recipe that is great to take for any of these ideas, or just to eat at home. Mixed Berry Pie Bites by tbsp.'s Cheeky Kitchen

I have made these twice, and both times they came out yummy and good. The first time I did a better job of creating them because the second time I tried to make them bigger than they should have been. I didn't realize I was doing that, but apparently my nature thinks "bigger is better." It's really not.

The smaller size of these are approximately 2-3 bites, and just perfect. I went ahead and used the recipe she has for the pie filling, but my guess would be any pie filling would work. I wanted to try it with pumpkin, but that pie filling is a little too loosey goosey to work, I'm afraid. Apples would be wonderful though! Like apple dumplings, right?

But this mixed berry pie filling is great, easy, and perfect. The second time I created this I didn't have as many berries and I think that was a negative. The berries are more important than the juices, but both are needed. If you end up with more juice it turns out more like a poptart. Which isn't bad, just not what I was going for.

Truth be told I have made these for friends, both times. A women's get together through my Sunday School, and as a return gift to friends who gave love.

I have to tell you this, because it's brilliant, loving, and really people don't do this enough. At least, I don't. I had my friends come visit and we were talking and sharing and catching up. It was lovely. We spoke about everything really, including what was for dinner that night. They left, and within an hour I was being called by them telling me they were bringing stuffed shells over to my house. I wasn't sick. I didn't have surgery. I didn't just have a baby. They were bringing me food simply because they loved me and thought of me. 

When it was time to return the dish I knew I couldn't return it empty. It was a joy for me to fill it back up with these pie bites for them to have. A little sweet for the sweet, right? 

My goal is to try to love without reason like they did. But it's an idea I had to share with y'all because we don't do it enough. Period.

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