Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It's all a matter of heart attitude.

I have been a complainer. I have been a naysayer. I was grumpy, messy, and not a happy individual. Not all the time, but oh the times I was. One of the things Revelation Wellness® has taught me is that this giant life with all the things in it? It's a "get to." 

I didn't get it at first, I will admit. Aren't you supposed to complain and show frustration when you work out? Who is happy about doing something for another person? I had gotten so in the pit that I dreaded driving to taekwondo , which is one place I really feel as if I belong. But that wasn't the only place this bad attitude showed up, no. But writing out the list of all the ways I felt icky wouldn't help you. It could only serve to hurt others, and that is not my goal with this post.

You see, Revelation Wellness® teaches that doing the work outs is a "get to" and that means exactly like it sounds. It's something we GET to do, not something we HAVE to do. And it's all about the heart attitude, isn't it? Remember back when you were a child and you were getting to go on vacation, wherever it was? Remember the excitement you had? Or currently when you GET to do whatever it is that makes your heart jump for joy; that feeling is what "get to" is all about.

Why can't we have that attitude with everything we do? Why can't we be excited and look forward to all of our day? Imagine....

I get to clean my house.
I get to fix supper.
I get to work out.
I get to talk with others.
I get to know more people.
I get to talk heart to heart.
I get to drive to the store.

I get to shovel the snow.
I get to see a new place.

I get to cut the grass.

What is it that weighs you heavy when it comes up on your "to do" list? What is it you fret about as you begin to take the first steps toward? Because it's seriously all a matter of how we look at it. It's all perspective as to whether we are dreading it or looking forward to it.

I know it sounds simple and easy. In some ways, it certainly is. But think about this, God gave us these good words to do and we are the ones who get to work with God in those moments. Whatever they are.

So look at your "to do" list and change your mind and heart so that you see it as a "get to do" list. Watch for God in those moment. Look forward to what He will do in them. And remember that everything you do today, was something you got to do. It was a blessing for you. So, enjoy it. Relish it. And be glad you had the opportunity.


  1. Stacey, thank you for this bit of encouragement tonight! What a difference to say "I get to" instead of "I have to!" Blessings to you! xo

    1. I can feel the flip in my heart when I switch words. <3