Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Day Braided Scarf

I love the braided scarf look, but most of what I found were cowls. While the next time I make this I may make the pieces wider by repeating row 2 two more times, I really am happy with the outcome done just as is. I hope what I have written is understandable.

Christmas Day Braided Scarf

Hook: G
Yarn: I Love This Yarn! Print Aqua/Black

Chain 270
Row 1: hdc in the back loop of each chain
Row 2: chain 2, hdc across

Fasten and sew in ends.

Create 4 of these.

Laying the 4 pieces side by side, sc across the top, simply sc in the next piece, and placing 3-4 stitches across the top.

Braid according to picture:

Attach the bottom of the scarf after braiding as you connected the top.
Fold ends to a point, seaming to stay in place. Do this with both ends.
Create 2 Poms and attach them to the ends of the scarf at the points.

This pattern has not been tested by anyone, and written off of memory of what I did. If you come up with issues or questions please feel free to drop a line so I can make corrections or clarifications as needed. Thank you friends. 

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