Sunday, November 20, 2016

You really don't want me to

Last night I watched Fantastic Beasts. No worries I'm not even talking about it. I loved it. I loved all the characters, the twists, the turns, the beasts, and I'm looking forward to 2018 already. Silly, I know. We are also Harry Potter fans, so it should come as no surprise if you know us, not really. But again, that's not what I'm talking about this morning either. This morning I was thinking randomly and for some reason the scene near the middle of Prisoner of Azkaban popped in my head, and I thought, "Yes, yes that's me." Do you remember when they are in the shrieking shack, and Hermione steps in between Harry and Sirius and Lupin? She was protecting Harry as best she could from a perceived threat, but it wasn't a real one. No worries, if you aren't a Harry Potter fan you can still read this post. 

This has been a hard won lesson, and one that I have to relearn regularly. There are times I can help people, and times I can not. There are things I can do, and things I need to leave for others. Sometimes in my want/desire to be a help I become a hindrance, step on toes, look like a know it all, and appear almost "better than" in my attitude, but those are never my wants/desires. It's a fine balance, and each and every situation has to be measured on it's own, and sometimes I thoroughly mess up. But I'm not giving up.

Yesterday one of my last paragraphs was how much I want to be there for others, for you. That hasn't changed, make no mistake about it, but I know I can't magically help you out of all situations, or do everything for you. Because then I take on things that are not meant for me, and you lose the opportunity to step up to the plate yourself. So, I don't want you to come here with false assumptions.

I may talk food, but I will not tell you what to eat. I may talk exercise, but I will not tell you how to move. I may talk Bible, but I will not force you to read. I may talk safety, but I will not surprise you in the streets to force you to be aware. LOL No, I will be encouragement, a supplier of ideas, a sharer of information, a hand to help up, accountability you ask for, and a pray-er for your journey. I will be mercy and give grace it's space to do it's job. I will walk beside you, and allow the Holy Spirit to pull you forward. 

And I know, I know I will fail, so please be aware of that also. I will try to tell you what to do sometimes. I will give advice not asked for. I will help when help hasn't been searched out. I'm still learning about myself and I am so far from perfect, so don't expect that. 

I will stand between you and evil when I get the chance, but I'm becoming aware the best thing I can do for you most times is allow you to fight the evil while I stand by your side. 

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