Wednesday, November 30, 2016

3 letters to celebrate and remember.

As every month comes to an end, a new one is simply a day away. Both need to be celebrated and enjoyed thoroughly, don't you think? Last month was November, full of God speak, heart talk, new directions, and staying still. And this coming month is December, the last month of 2016; full of holiday cheer, family, friends, and more.

Dear November, 

How did I celebrate you? I know I looked forward to your coming and all that you brought with it. It's hard to imagine now, how the time has flown by. God worked during your time in amazing ways, and I am so thankful to have experienced each moment. I know I don't always aim to be fully present like I should, but know it is a lesson you taught me to work on. We celebrated life, prayed for hope, bitterness was told to leave though he thinks he can just take a back seat, laughter was heard, tears fell too but in both sadness and joy, routines continued on, education took another step forward, and I rested where God placed me. As far as goals are considered, I have quite a few check marks which show that some work was accomplished even if not all the answers are known. Gratitude gratitude gratitude. I'm always grateful for fall weather and autumn color, and while the sun is still shining warmer than it usually is the heart knows when it's time to let seasons go.

Dear December,

The page hasn't turned fully yet, but you will be here after a good sleep. I don't know if you will bring snow or more roses for me to see out my window, but I trust God will direct me through your days if I just listen. My goals are few for you, but it will be a full month anyway: educating, celebrating, remembering, dreaming, and snuggling in. I look forward to the lessons you have to teach me, the times of rest for me to partake in, the laughter making music in a room, and the dancing which is praise to my God.

Dear Friend,

I hope you join me for coffee this upcoming month! I'm working already for some January ideas, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. I will be talking about coffee with God, gratitude, morning journaling, and being mindful in the moment. I will continue the weekly devotionals on Mondays, and there will be a few other posts each week as well. Some ideas might cover vision boards, podcasts, get vs have, and why I need to be strong, but I know God hasn't even let me peek at some of the ideas yet. You have to wait and see how things get moved around, just like I will. I'm pretty excited though and looking forward to sharing with you, and hope you will bring your wisdom this way as well. 

Looking towards our time together with joy,


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