Thursday, October 20, 2016

Where my time is best spent.

We take things for granted all the time. Let's admit it. We take our lives for granted, to be honest. Some don't, most do. But this morning I was convicted about something I'm working on, but something that I still take for granted too often. My relationship with Jesus.

There are times I dig in the Word, pray, worship, listen, and know that God is my one and only resource for this life. Then there are other times I am swept up into emotion, buried by circumstances, or destroyed by expectations and I lose all sense of what is truly important.

In this chapter Peter and John are explaining to the religious council how they healed a lame beggar. They had already explained to those who saw it, but the religious council wasn't pleased with their teaching. Truth be told, they weren't pleased with what Peter told them either, and told Peter and John to stop teaching about Jesus. Peter's answer in a nutshell was "no" but today I'm focusing on verse 13.

After Peter spoke the council knew he and John had spent time with Jesus. They knew that what Peter was speaking about was not a second hand account, it was not a tale he had heard and was spreading, it was not his father's story, it was something Peter and John knew about first hand. They were not educated, they were fishermen.

Do you think they still wore the signs of who they were before Jesus found them? Do you think they thought back to their lack of education and wondered if they should work on that? Do you think they were worried about impressing the council with the right words?

I must admit I don't. Whether it's the truth or I have put them on a pedestal I don't rightly know. But what I do know is Peter was filled with the Holy Spirit when he answered them, he stood on the power and authority Jesus gave them in His name, and he wasn't worried about what they thought because he didn't agree to their request.

And as I read that I thought to myself, when I spend time with Jesus, when I make decisions based on that time, and when I focus on who He is and remember He has called me, then I am so much more confident than when I'm trying to do something on my own strength. And I believe it makes a difference in how I come across to people, as well.

It makes me think about the times I have failed or not done as well as I had wanted. Did I prepare by spending time with Jesus before hand? Or did I take that relationship for granted and assume because I am His that He would lead me? Ironically, if I'm not listening it doesn't matter what He says. He may have been trying to lead me but I never took the time to listen.

Will people know I have spent time with Jesus? Maybe, maybe not. I don't think that's why I should spend time with Jesus. The reason I should do so is because He is my light, my guide, my rock, and my fortress. And when I spend time with Jesus I know. I know He is with me. I know I have personal experiences to share. I know that anything He calls me to do He will empower me to do. And it makes a difference for my heart and my attitude.

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