Thursday, October 6, 2016

God knows my heart

Chapter 16 in Luke confounded me at first. This story of how the "lord" looked well on his servant after the servant made some choices which left the lord with less and the servant with more, in a sense. I read through some commentaries and then I realized that I was taking off the verse above and forgetting it was a part of the story as well.

Yesterday I spoke about being in covenant with God, and a friend spurred me on by asking how we know what our idols were. My first thought was simply to ask God. To allow Him to show us what our hearts truly hold onto. Truth be told, it was my second thought as well.

And because I want this meditation to be more than simply considering scripture, I want it to be about changing my life, I did what I told my friend and I asked God where my heart was that it shouldn't be. Now, let me say that I think this is a question we can ask ourselves several times and depending on our circumstances God will show us different things. Currently, apparently, pride is my nemesis. I have put myself in place of God in too many situations.

I want to have the last word. I want to have the correct plan. I want to know what's best for all. I want to be strong and intelligent. AND HAVE PEOPLE NOTICE. I want to be praised and found worthy, by those who are around me.

And that's where the above verse comes into play for my heart at this time. 

I can get the approval of those around me, but not have the approval of God. What pleases man sometimes (in Luke 16 it was being scrupulous and selfish) isn't what pleases God. Outcomes aren't the only thing that matter, either. God knows my heart, my motives, my thoughts, my back story, and my choices even better than I do. And He revealed to me that I need to hold several things looser than I am. The death grip will only hurt me when God pries my hands off of what I am holding.

A few verses above this one, verse 13, Jesus says we can't serve two masters. This is why it's so necessary to check in with God regularly. Who are we pleasing? Who am I pleasing? Who have I set up as "lord" in my life? Who has taken God's place in my heart? What are my idols? Questions only God can truly answer, for only He knows our hearts. 

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