Monday, October 31, 2016

A declaration to come back to often.

I received a variety of messages this morning all on the same or similar topics. It's one of those moments where you feel God tapping you on the shoulder telling you to pay attention. The topic? Competition. Competing. As I prep for my intensive next week I know full well that I can slip into competition/comparison so easily. But as my RevWell instructor said this morning, we don't need to be doing that. What we need to be doing when we look at others is to wonder how we can bless them.

It's not easy to do, is it? This world we live in is a strange and odd one some days. And yet, I know that the teachings of Christ come across even more strange and odd. I read a Facebook status explaining the best 5 ways to hustle at your job so that you are above your competition. I read a Tozer devotional that said there is no competition for Christians. I read another Facebook status that spoke about how giving to others is the way forward. 

Here's the thing: I totally get the hustle idea. I do. Let me be best, work hard, offer more, be what others need. But what I also know is that while the ideas within the hustle status were solid, the motivation was weak. Because there will always be someone who offers something someone else wants more than what I will offer. I can't compete with what others have that I don't have, and if I try to have it too then I'm not doing what I was meant to do.

Tozer said it well, any gift I possess is from the Lord, and any lifting up I receive is from the Lord, but when I look around I need to see others I am working "with" not "against." And this is where the motivation comes into play, and one that I need to adjust a lot.

My motivation isn't to give the best to my students, though that is a good one.
My motivation shouldn't be to be the best me I can be, though that is better.
My motivation should be to bring God glory in what I do and how I do it, for that is the best.

I've really been talking about this a lot this past month, haven't I? I would say that's because God wants me to really get this lesson. My life is a process of growing with God's grace to be who He created me to be, but all of it is for His glory. And that isn't going to jive with today's standards or goals.

My heart needs to be adjusted on a few matters. I see them clearly, or those I'm allowed to see. I certainly wont have everything "perfect" once I fix them, but I will be working things out with God. As my attitude is checked, and my motivation seen, I need to remember that.

I want to be the best me I can be, whether that's instructing the Little K.I.C.S., within relationships, or when I teach wellness. But more than anything I want to do it God's way. And so this is my statement to come back to when I slip: I will not compete with you. I will do what I can to make you better when I can. And whatever God does with both of us, may you be blessed.


  1. Thank you for you!!!
    So struggle with this, especially as we get close to retreat, but deal with it everyday.
    Love your soul and the words and talents that he has blessed you with!!!

    1. OH, thank you Christine. <3 You are such an encourager!