Monday, August 1, 2016

Sprinting like the hare.

When I was at Ferguson Junior High in Ohio for 8th and 9th grade I was in track. I was a sprinter. Not the fastest out there, but I couldn't go long distances. Anything over 100 yards was impossible. Fast forward to the past few years when I pushed hard to increase my endurance, and completed my first marathon last year. It was a struggle. I saw a facebook status I shared a few years ago (thank you memories) that said, "I just ran 2 minutes without stopping! After wanting to cry after 30 seconds I consider this an achievement." I still do! But the problem I have realized is that I still try to sprint to the finish line in my every day life.

Let's take last week for example. I had a page of chores and errands to do before the week was over, and I pushed hard and got them all done by Tuesday. Now my attitude in the past has been, finish the work then play. But the problem is, and I do believe it's becoming a problem for me, is that I work hard for two days then play for the rest. And if something comes up, I call foul because it's a play day and will procrastinate it. Crazy, I know! There's no balance. And I'm missing out on some other opportunities as well.

This week I decided to pace myself. You see, I have some scheduled play time today that I can't miss, so it helps me to take a breath and say, "not today, tomorrow." And no, it's no procrastination because I do know it will get done tomorrow, and then there will be things to do on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday... each day will have it's share of the work and play. 

I know some days can't be balanced, and some days shouldn't be balanced. But I believe my sprinting approach is harming my spirit. When I don't do anything I feel useless, and so those days of play were torturous at times. I need to work. I was designed for good work. I need to do it. And some days, like an upcoming vacation, will be purely for play but it will be intentional play. Not sit on the couch playing Cookie Jam play. There is a difference.

So, I don't know if this will be of any help for you, but maybe you are like me and sprint to the finish line when really all you needed to do was move towards the finish line. Yes, it's our race and we need to keep running, but let's be more like the tortoise shall we? The hare and his naps have a way of getting us in trouble. 

Me. Getting me in trouble. 

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