Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Being intentional with my life.

Is anyone else a planner? Well, that's just a silly question. We're probably all planners to some degree, no matter how small, but I find myself in the throws of planning right now. Workouts. Days. Classes. Life. It's all under scrutiny and possible upheaval. I was given two days which were basically off days, or that's how they felt, and so I am spending time trying to be intentional with my life. But it didn't simply start today.

I've been reading books, listening to podcasts, and I'll continue to do those things. I know I don't know all the answers, and so I look in the direction of other people with experience to help show the way. But what I know about me is that I need my own formula, even if I follow another's equation.

Some of the amazing resources which have helped me out along the way:

Podbean (great resource for non apple users)
This Reving the Word podcast from Revelation Wellness about humility
This post from Girls Gone Strong about designing your own program
This post on Bodybuilding.com about training with a bag
The testimony from the American synchronized divers at the Olympics.
And then there are all the people I know and love and am surrounded by on a regular basis, but you have a group that is individual to you. :)

So, I've done a bit today and tomorrow will hold some deep thoughts (I hope) and my plan is to walk away from this time a little more grounded in where I am, where I want to go, and what I am doing. Not that anyone else will necessarily see any changes in me. But it's not about anyone else.

None of this is easy. It would be easy to just let life be. To not negotiate the trade winds, tides, and currents. It would be easy to simply sit in the water of the culture (whichever one I find myself in) and let it take me where it does. Letting others make choices for me is the easy way, but it's not the way to living my life abundantly. And so I'm being intentional, I'm making plans, and I'm opening myself to God's direction. 

All these plans? They may change again in 4-6 weeks time, but I'll have an even clearer vision of my life after walking these next 4-6 weeks.

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