Monday, May 2, 2016

We choose to live in fear, denial, or empowerment.

It was Jennie of Jarrett & Jennie who I first heard talking about HOW to teach self-defense. That we don't need to use scare tactics, in or out of class. I thought I had been doing well, but realized most of my words were used to frighten people rather than empower them. Until then I didn't even realize I had done that. I was saddened that I had, but decided to work on purpose not to do so anymore.

You see, we all are frightened by this very world we live in on a fairly regular basis. Even if we generally live in the "nothing will ever happen to me" mentality, when something does happen to someone else in your area, on your news, or that you know you wake up for a little bit. The fear bites your heart. That's when we have a choice.

Are we going to live in fear?
Are we going to live in denial?
Are we going to live empowered?

We all make a choice. And I wonder if there's anything anyone can say which will change our mind? If I shout from the rooftops that we all can defend ourselves but we need to learn how to do that, will anyone heed those words? I honestly have no idea.

But if we are to live empowered we must find someone to help us get there. Whether it is a book, a video series, a class, or a person they have knowledge we need to be able to know we actually can defend ourselves.

I'm currently working through Krav Maga for Women because Jennie suggested it as an amazing resource and I got tired of procrastinating. Two pages a day. Slowly but surely, I'm taking it in. I know what I pick up from the book will add to what I already know so that (1) I know more and (2) I can share more.

I have learned some self-defense from my Taekwondo school, but more so the self-defense courses and classes I have taken when I could. Sometimes my mind says it's to help others, but really it's to help me. After all, if I think I don't need the information why would anyone else need it?

There are courses based on jujitsu, krav maga, and then a wide range of information as well. Whatever your preference, it's out there. And sometimes all you want is a basic course to get your feet wet. That can be found as well.

The idea should be not to pretend it doesn't happen anymore, nor to pretend it can't ever happen to you, but to prepare yourself in case it does come in your direction so that you are prepared to take care of it. You can learn to defend yourself. There are so many people out there who want to help you. Find them. And prayerfully their goal will to help you live empowered, because we don't need to live in fear or denial anymore.

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