Thursday, May 19, 2016

Should we quit?

I've seen quite a few of us lately, questioning ourselves, wondering about our paths, doubting if we are going the way we should go. I get it. I'm probably the one that does it the most, even if I have learned not to say it every time I think it. But it's there, under the rumbling of those who make big statements my heart cries out at times.

How do you know when something you want to do is due to a nudge of God, or a motive gone wrong? Because I worry about that. A lot. And I have gotten overwhelmed recently with the amount of information I'm supposed to learn for my certification, and I think maybe this is a sign. Maybe I'm not supposed to do this path after all?

But I don't have the answer, and my comfort zone might be squeezing me too much, and if I tried harder I am sure I could get the information down. I'm simply falling into the negative thought pattern and working towards quitting, again.

But which thought process is the right one? Because it could easily go either way, right?

And here's the secret: I don't know the answer.

All I know is when I get overwhelmed and stressed and uncertain the best thing for me to do is turn to God and just be. I'll keep moving forward, and keep studying and learning, but the questions will have to rest. Because I don't have the answers. 

Maybe one day I'll get them. Maybe. But for now I'm tired of fighting the doubts, questions, and uncertainty. And I'm going to simply focus on what's in front of me and my Lord. 

How many times have I come back to this? As long as I need to, always one more time. And I'm grateful I can.

What's my focus: Jesus.
What should I do: the best at what is in front of me.
Will I fail: possibly.
Should I quit: not today.

The day rises uncertain
the path isn't clear
step forward
just forward
and trust He is near.
He's our Rock
our Foundation
our Firm Steady Ground
wherever He leads us
His grace can be found.

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