Tuesday, May 17, 2016

If you value life you defend it.

I watched part of a debate on PBS last weekend. It was either Friday or Saturday; I'm honestly not sure. I simply know it has stuck with me since I saw it. I actually flipped past it a couple of times, holding steady for a minute or two each time. I'm pretty certain about where I stand on the issue, but I was curious what I might hear as I passed. The last time I visited the station an anti-gun gentleman said something which I have heard often: We all have value as humans and we shouldn't remove that value or decide we are worth more than another. I hear what he is saying, but there is a ginormous flaw in his statement.

You see, when he says this he is saying it to those who wish to own guns to protect themselves. He is saying it to people who would prefer not to use a deadly weapon, but they have been left with no recourse. He is not saying it to people who are willy-nilly going out and attacking people with their firearms.

The people who have no value for human life are those who are attacking. But I have seen this argument used against many who have needed to defend themselves, whether they be ordinary citizens, military, or the police. "You can't defend yourself with a gun when attacked because that life is worth something." Yes, ALL life is worth something.

Forgive me, but those defending themselves would be okay if the attacker walked away, chose to put their weapon down, or halted the attack. Generally speaking, those defending themselves are tired of hearing THEIR lives aren't worth defending.

So, yes, all lives matter. Let's fight for everyone. But the attackers have to understand there are consequences to their choices and decisions. They are making the decision that life doesn't matter, and there are many out here who will fight tooth and nail to say that it totally does.

Don't mix up consequences of behavior with what a person is worth. They are two separate things. And stop turning the defender into the bad guy. They aren't the ones making the bad choices. And please, for all that is good and right, stop trying to take away our ability to defend life. It's too precious to leave to the decision of the attacker.

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