Monday, May 23, 2016

Goals: Strength

I've decided I need some goals. Well, really what happened is this: I felt strong yesterday. And then I desired to feel stronger. As I said on Facebook, not to JUST be stronger, but because if I am strong then I can do more which comes my way. I don't have to say I can't as often. I can move forward and know that I am more prepared for the good works God has for me. Whatever they are.

But in talking about it on Facebook I also realized that goals need certain things in order to work as goals. At least, that's what I have read and for the most part does make sense. And I started thinking about it, and if Mark 12:30 is really a verse which speaks true, then I should be taking action in all four areas to make sure I am growing and moving in a positive direction.

While it's last in this scripture, the first area I want to talk about is strength.

In the past two to three years I have worked hard and become stronger than I used to be. I know this by the amount of weight I lift in boot camp. It's not a huge amount, I'm aware, but it's more than it used to be. That's always been my goal, to keep improving what I can do. Now, while that's still part of my goal, I also have this feeling that I need to be stronger to do whatever is coming. Whether it's simply a day full of yard work, moving boxes, building fences, or carrying a loved one, the stronger I am the better it will go.

But if I simply make my goal, to be stronger, I'm not sure I'll end up where I want to be. I know my weaker points are pull ups and push ups, so I figure I can start by strengthening what I already know to be weak. I found a couple of plans online, thank you Pinterest, which will help me get the forms down well and slowly increase both exercises. After reading another friend's goal I realized my goal wasn't quantifiable in any way.

Maybe I don't want to make a quantifiable goal because then I can fail? Possibly. Probably. But let's go for it anyway, why don't we?

At this point I can do 1 pull up, and about 5 proper form push ups. In 3 months I hope to be able to do 5 pull ups, and in 1 month I hope to be able to do 10 proper form push ups not on my knees. I used to be able to knock these things out in college, but that was many a moon ago at this point. Long term goal? Is it even possible to be able to knock out 40 proper form push ups and 20 pull ups one day?

My problem setting goals is I'm always a little unsure if the goal I am setting is too hard or too easy, or even baby bear's just right. All I can do is start out and see where I end up though.

Do you have a strength goal that you are working towards?

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