Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Goals: Heart

Today is my oldest's birthday. He's 22. Does that make me feel old? No, it just feels as it should. He's a grown man with his own life and a wonderful lovely wife and I love them dearly. They are a part of my heart.

You see, when I think of our heart I think of our relationships. So, how do you love the Lord with our relationships?

Maybe it's like Jesus said, "When you gave a drink of water to the littlest of these, you gave it to me." As we love and relate with those in our circles we are loving and relating with Jesus as well. It makes you stop and think, doesn't it? Well, it does me. Though, I have no idea how to make this quantifiable.

I'm not sure relationships should be quantifiable, or how you put goals on relationships. I guess being open to those God puts in front of us, within and without our circles, and responding in love and generosity is the place to start. I have some places I can reach out to help others, and if I'm honest I have a brand new class I belong to where I can get to know people better as well. I"m not so great at that, to be honest. 

I'm particularly shy, unless I need to step up to the plate or I feel comfortable with people. This means I change a little as you get to know me because I will become more outgoing around you. Or I might withdrawal a little. It's been known to happen. Finding that balance of being yourself and trusting those you are with can be difficult for me at times.

But I'm trying, and I can point to a few things recently where I did step out of my comfort zone. Let's be honest, my comfort zone is small. But I think everyone's comfort zone is small until they start expanding it. 

I think the no complain campaign I am waging within myself falls here as well. I want to bring the best out in others. I want to see the best in others. If I'm whiny and complain-y I wont do that. Instead I'll see the worst only. So, yes, continuing that will help my relationships with others, definitely.

I feel all wishy washy with this category. No actionable items. No quantifiable items. Nothing specific. But a general overall idea of loving others to the best of my ability, being true to who they are and who I am, and losing the chip on my shoulder. Yes, that's very necessary here as well. Very.

I guess I'll see who I am with others after the summer and see if I have changed anything in that time period. That sounds and feels so lame, but I don't know how else to go about this category. Ah well. 

Here's to letting go of pride, grasping humility, sharing love, setting boundaries, giving generously, and being kind.

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