Wednesday, May 4, 2016

5 lessons from {nearly} 2 weeks ago

I think I'm ready to talk about it. It's been over a week now, so you'd think I would have shared before now. But I had some stuff to work through. I had some disappointments, some concerns, and some lessons to figure out. I'm not saying I know everything I'll learn from it, but I know some things better now than I did a week ago.

Oh, a little over week ago I finished the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.

I'm not sure where to start, though I guess I already have. Yes, I went 26.2 miles though the sticker is not on my car as of yet. I ran with my Captain and my sister and her friends. And I walked the last four miles. A few lessons I learned:

  1. Start out in the correct running group. Unless you are better than me, which I realize I'm a lemming so you very well may be, running with people who run faster than you will mess up your pace. Race day is always faster for me because of that, but my first half was the pace of my first Half Marathon. Much too fast for me for the full race. Which is why I got tired. Which is why....
  2. Don't allow your mind to set you up for failure. I kept saying before the race, "as long as I crawl across I will have finished" and so I set the ground work for me to stop running at some point. 
  3. Don't stop running until you simply can't do it anymore. At mile 22ish I began walking. While I tried to start running again it hurt so much then that I simply couldn't. It hurt more to start running again than it did to continue running. I think I quit running before I should have in the idea of "taking a break" when I could have continued on.
  4. Don't disqualify what you did with what you "could have" done. Yes, I phrase it "I finished" the race, not "I ran" the race, but I still finished it. And all in all, my time wasn't so horrible for a first time marathon either. Five hours and 40 minutes. Really, what I had hoped for in a logical sense.
  5. Expect a little let down afterwards. Okay, I sunk into a near full depression. Part of it was because I isolated myself in the idea of "taking a break" but the other part was because I didn't do as well as I had secretly hoped to do, in a not so logical sense. Those darn secrets will kill you every time.
I'm glad I did it. Secretly, (there I go again) part of me says "DO IT AGAIN" so I can do better. But honestly, that would simply be to prove something and I don't really have anything to prove. I'm still running, already signed up for my next half and am looking for some 5k's, but I probably wont do another marathon. At least, it's not on my radar in any sense of the blip.

So, yes, I finished a full marathon almost two weeks ago.
{There was a time that was never on my radar either.}

Photograph of me thanks to my brother-in-law.

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