Friday, April 29, 2016

The fine balance which keeps me going and a new motivation.

I haven't been to boot camp all week long. I haven't run. I did do some yard work and am happy with those results. Other than that, nada, zilch, bubkis.

I don't know if it was the best idea. Today was the first day I felt I could get through the hour at boot camp, maybe, but it's the last day in the week and it will have started when this is published. So I didn't go. I'll start back next week, and modify so that I don't die on the gym floor.

I'm a big believer in rest, and that's what I've done for the past week. I think your body needs regular rest days from working out, and after a big exertion we need a big rest. That's where I am. But I will admit I feel a little guilty about it today. Have I rested too long? I don't know, but really it's only me that can truly make that decision, right?

I will say I'm looking forward to working out and running again. I'm ready to be active, but it will be different and I'm worried about that. Mind shifts can be difficult, and those are the times we have a tendency to quit. I'm no longer working towards a Black Belt test or Marathon. Those were my motivations for so long, and now they are behind me.

Is it possible to work out without motivation? Well, maybe that's the wrong question. The right question should be, what is my motivation? As I said recently, this working out thing is something we should do for life. Yard and house work will only do me so much for staying healthy and strong. I want to be able to do whatever God puts in front of me, right? So my motivation is simply that.

And now I am testing my own words. Can I live out what I said? I think so. I'll start back to boot camp, find my routes on the road again, and come up with some time to lift and yoga. I'll sign up for the videos through RevWell, and maybe Holy Yoga as well because that is harder to come by for me, and stay active.

I've enjoyed this past week of rest, make no mistake. I needed it. But now it's time to be active again, and find the right things which will help me be the person I need to be and do the things I need to do.

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