Saturday, April 30, 2016

I'm looking for the right direction still.

This past week I couldn't decide. I wanted to. I thought about it a lot. But no decision was made really. I did decide to reread R.C. Sproul's Knowing Scripture because it's a really good book full of helps for those wanting to dig into Scripture. Some good reminders. Thoughts about understanding, translating, deciphering. My problem is, I can't figure out where I should study next. 

Should I go to Lamentations to hear a heart that's really hurting?
How about one of the Gospels because... Jesus.
Maybe I should study what it says about complaining, though that one might be a given.
Or maybe the reverse and really look into blessings or gratitude.
And I get so frustrated.

Needing to do certain studies for each upper belt test in Taekwondo was helpful. I knew what I needed to study next. When I dug into Nehemiah that was a no brainer. I love that book. But I feel as if I'm missing direction. I want to dig in. I want to learn. But I simply don't know where to start.

Maybe Mark. 
Or Ruth.
What about different people in the Bible who aren't normally the focus?
Or stories which aren't talked about a lot?
Maybe Jeremiah. Though, goodness that's a plate full!

I wont have an answer by the end of this post. I still have a few more pages in the book to read, so I feel relieved of the pressure to decide right now. But I said I would post on Saturday's about what I learn when I dig in, and if I didn't post at all that would be disingenuous. 

I didn't dig in last week
I didn't learn anything from scripture.
But I'm ready to dig in. To study. To learn from scripture. 
I just need to decide.


  1. Sometimes it's really hard to decide. Blessings to you, dear Stacey!xo

    1. And sometimes I make it harder than it need be, I'm afraid. But thank you dear. <3