Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I have a new position.

SO, this happened: I became the new instructor for the littles in our taekwondo school. We alternate through the different belts so that all the instructors can teach something different and all the students have different instructors, so I knew I would get here, but I actually got the position last night.

At first, I was okay with it. I was willing to have it.

But then I woke up this morning and I'm stupid excited about having this class. I'm thrilled to be working with these littles and my research has already begun into making the best class for them that I can. Seriously, who stole negative nelly and replaced her with excited elle, because I am thrilled with her!

Will it be easy? Is anything? No matter what class I had it would be a challenge for me. I was working with two blue belt adults after I got my black belt, so seven littles will be more of a challenge than they were, but I'm so excited.

I get them new.
I get them fresh.
I get them in the beginning.

I feel such a responsibility to do this thing RIGHT. I know there will be hard days. I know there will be times I'm ready to hand them to someone else. I know I will be discouraged sometimes. But I also know that there will be fun, laughter, learning, and hopefully growing on all our parts.

So, I'm excited and thrilled and working hard already to be the best instructor I can be for them. Prayers would only help me on my course! But if you have taught 5-7 year olds, advice, suggestions, wisdom, and experience shared would be welcome as well.

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