Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Don't let the hard days surprise you.

If there's anything I have learned about workouts and running days, the biggest lesson for me would be that I can always have a bad one. This isn't as pessimistic as it sounds, I promise.

I have had days were I had to drop weight in order to get through the sets. I have had days where the tabata or hiit did me in and had me gasping for breath. I have had runs where I never thought it would end and moving each foot took ginormous effort. These days happen.

I also have great days where I bump up my weight because my regular weight is like nothing. And the runs fly and are easy and it's like someone is carrying me the entire way. These days happen too.

More often than not my workouts fall in between these two extremes, but recognizing that these extremes exist are so important.
  1. I wont give up when I have a hard day. I wont think I've done all I can and reached my plateau which I will live on forever. I wont become defeated by a hard day.
  2. I wont become prideful on a great day. I'll recognize that they come and go and it's part of growing.
  3. I can tell others who are having hard days that it will pass. That sometimes it just happens. That every once in a while the workouts are extremely hard. Not because you increase, but because it simply is.
  4. I'll keep returning to the gym or the road because nothing is predetermined and the great days wont happen unless I get out there and get through a few normal days and a couple hard days.
If anyone tells you their workouts are always great and easy, they might not be telling the truth. So don't become discouraged when a hard day hits you. Just remember that these happen, and it's okay. I promise you will hit some amazing days along the way as well.

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