Monday, April 18, 2016

100 days of.... yep!

I originally saw the idea on Marvia's instagram. It intrigued me, but that was about all it did. Then Friday, or maybe Saturday, my eyes and brain crossed paths with it again, and I thought, yes, I do want to play. And play is the operative word here. Sometimes I fill my plate up with so much, and not enough playing, and so this was a grand opportunity to do some of that. Not procrastinating. Not killing time. Playing with purpose. But, I wasn't sure what I should do when I posted I would join in Sunday.

We watched Harry Potter that evening, and I let my mind wander the different ideas I could do. I began my list and after a few things were written down I began thinking about the things I never finished. My brain loves to do that to me. Maybe I should pick one of them back up, I thought to myself. But I quit those for a variety of reasons, and maybe one day I'll be crocheting regularly again, but it didn't feel as if this was the time.

And then I had to face the fact that I might not finish this 100 day project. I might not. But I can't not start anything because I might not finish it. Then I'll still be finishing nothing. So I changed tactics and started thinking about something doable, easy, that could fit in my day, be fun, not take up too much time. and something I would be encouraged to finish. Not too demanding, am I?

That's when my eye caught the book. Yes, I purchased that almost 4 months ago and had only read through part of the intro. But it was something I really wanted to do.When I checked how many pages the book had I realized I could do 2 pages, or 1 technique a day and go through the book. The idea began to catch on fire.

I still have not talked to Captain about it yet (hello, dear!) but I think he will be game to be my partner when I need one. (yes?) But I learned much of my taekwondo white belt level solo, so I will still be able to get the moves down if he isn't available. And I am fully aware I will not get all the techniques down perfectly in one day. This will sort of be like a fire-hose analogy of learning. All of it at once, then when the 100 days are over I will be at a better place to really dig in and get the techniques down. I'm definitely a baby beginner in this, even if I know how to get out of a choke hold. And I'm excited about it.

So, if you want to follow along as I learn, join me over at my instagram or follow my hashtag #100daysofkravmaga. I have a feeling it is NOT going to be as serious as it sounds. I have a feeling any video I share will have a variety of emotions, including laughter.

And just to make everyone aware. I will not be sharing everything that is in the book, or every step or technique, because that seems too close to plagiarism than I am comfortable with. This will be about my experience going through the book, and at the end, most likely why I think you should pick the book up as well.

The 100 day project starts tomorrow, so it's not too late to come up with your own idea. Here's where you can find more information about it, and hollar at me if you join in. 

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